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Suppertime !

Hi Everyone!

After a period of quiet, the garden has sprung to life again:

New upper garden planting beds have gone in. Winter dormancy is over and the last of the fall vegetables have been harvested. Bees have returned. Last year’s perennials and flowers established themselves and are thriving. So the garden studio has come to life in a very real way.


eatwith Supper Club

One thing I’m excited to announce that is a part of bringing together studio art, farm, and kitchen, is that I’ve paired with to begin farm-to-table supper clubs from Miel de la Tierra Studio!

The menus will focus on produce grown here on our land, or from local farms whenever possible. We will kick off our first meal as an early mid-summer dinner that focuses on an abundance of lemons that came to us and led to the creation of many different recipes featuring preserved lemons, limoncello, sorbet, and the bright flavors we associate with those beautiful, sunny, citrus fruits. More suppers/meals will be planned throughout the coming weeks, so be sure to visit here often for more details. The meals will be al fresco on the patio, and we’ve been told we have a million dollar view:

Yep, there’s a little snippet of that view.

Here’s the link to the first dinner on June 10th: you can go right to it!

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